“If you are a healthcare owner or administrator, we can offer you direct to HVAC contractor accountability for your HVAC. eliminating potential disputes and allowing for a faster project delivery that saves you on cost and time.

— Don Emanuel, CEO

We now offer Design/build or Turnkey Projects for the healthcare industry.

 We will take care of the design and construction of all HVAC for your facility.

This includes:

Planning and design

Value engineering


Preventative maintenance


Streamlined Communication

This saves on time and cost on your project

Best Product choice for your installation

Our extensive knowledge and experience in HVAC applications along with energy efficiency and sustainability means you get the best quality product at the lowest cost without compromising long term performance .


1.   We identify your objectives: scope of work, time frame, building management system, population and location.

2.  We evaluate options to maximize energy efficiency, sustainability and cost validation This includes  system compatibility, quality of product  , long term efficiency, and design features .

3.  Manage contractual details

4.  Installation project management 

5.  Commissioning 

6.  After Care Service Options

If you have plans or a plan and spec project, Contact us now or e mail: for your accurate and timely quote.  


  • has been busy installing HVAC in the New York area for the past 16  years 
  • To date,  has installed x tons of HVAC in Building Management Systems in buildings across the Tri-state area
  • Powerair has furnished x tons of  HVAC and complete climate control in luxury residences in NYC
  • Powerair has installed x amount of HVAC to commercial buildings including office buildings, strip malls and medical and dental labs 
  • Powerair advocates for energy efficiency and supports  LEED accredited building projects
  • Powerair is certified for LEAD safety as part of the 
  • has grown a four person company to a Corporation boasting 30+ employees 
  • has overseen  x   Design/build projects 
  • is proud to announce that all projects have been installed successfully to clients satisfaction